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A response to “Is Algebra Necessary?”

As a mathematician, I did not even reach the second page of Andrew Hacker’s opinion piece “Is Algebra Necessary” in today’s New York Times before reaching for my mouse to record some of his more egregious howlers as quotations for this … Continue reading

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I have finally found the stupidest thing I’ve ever read: we should not eat peas because they can talk.  Or rather, we should not exploit peas for our selfish ends because they have some form of chemically-based communication about weather conditions. … Continue reading

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A stinging comeback

I must be in the mood to comment on politics this week!  Just now I found in the Times that Turkey is furious with France for criminalizing the denial of the Armenian genocide, an atrocity so indisputably documented that even Wikipedia writes … Continue reading

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A politics post?

Seriously, I can’t believe I actually want to write a politics post.  I’m not even registered to vote in California, because I don’t know how long I’ll be here and there’s no Democratic primary anyway this year.  But I keep … Continue reading

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SimCity reporting

If you remember SimCity 2000 fondly, as I do, you may also remember the hilarious fake news that would accompany the headline whenever something of importance to the simulation happened. Someone with a deadpan sense of humor had injected plaintive … Continue reading

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