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A response to “Is Algebra Necessary?”

As a mathematician, I did not even reach the second page of Andrew Hacker’s opinion piece “Is Algebra Necessary” in today’s New York Times before reaching for my mouse to record some of his more egregious howlers as quotations for this … Continue reading

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I have finally found the stupidest thing I’ve ever read: we should not eat peas because they can talk.  Or rather, we should not exploit peas for our selfish ends because they have some form of chemically-based communication about weather conditions. … Continue reading

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Puzzles modulo math

I am not impressed with the math puzzle in the Times today.  (Background: the “Wordplay” blog that the Times hosts to discuss crossword puzzles occasionally does “Numberplay” instead; that is, math puzzles.)  Here’s the statement: Player 1 writes a sequence … Continue reading

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Bounded in an eggshell

It should come as no surprise to anyone that I’m trying to learn some programming languages so I can get a job in software. Just now I googled “google interview questions” and found a blog post with ten. I’ve already … Continue reading

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