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An ending to the Wheel of Time — illustrated

I love the Wheel of Time, but my first encounter with it was a piece of mildly ironic real-life foreshadowing.  My mother apparently picked up Eye of the World on the recommendation of a teenager she ran into while looking for books for … Continue reading

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I have finally found the stupidest thing I’ve ever read: we should not eat peas because they can talk.  Or rather, we should not exploit peas for our selfish ends because they have some form of chemically-based communication about weather conditions. … Continue reading

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The Way of Kings: Prelude to “The Stormlight Archive”

I picked up Sanderson’s The Way of Kings at the Harvard Coop at around 11am on release day.  It was ironic that a 1000-page (hardcover!) book was as hard to find as it was for me, but the new s.f. … Continue reading

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