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Eliminate the Presidency

We in the United States love our presidency in spite of all reason. The quadrennial campaigning is an expensive distraction with little to do with governance, and the office itself is a mess of accreted power that bears the unreasonably … Continue reading

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How Haskell helped me write a correct algorithm I didn’t understand

Here’s a toy problem with a goofy setup: at a certain company, everyone tries to avoid responsibility, so whenever anyone gets any kind of request, they just pass it along.  Each person has a fixed list of people to whom … Continue reading

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Right to kill

Guns and gun rights in America are a big thing in the news right now because of the Connecticut kindergarten massacre, and although this causation is right and good, it is of course unfortunate that such things are taboo at … Continue reading

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A response to “Is Algebra Necessary?”

As a mathematician, I did not even reach the second page of Andrew Hacker’s opinion piece “Is Algebra Necessary” in today’s New York Times before reaching for my mouse to record some of his more egregious howlers as quotations for this … Continue reading

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An ending to the Wheel of Time — illustrated

I love the Wheel of Time, but my first encounter with it was a piece of mildly ironic real-life foreshadowing.  My mother apparently picked up Eye of the World on the recommendation of a teenager she ran into while looking for books for … Continue reading

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Ubuntu on a netbook screen — revisited

In my very first post (other than that abortive book review), I gave what I thought was a very clever way of getting xrandr panning to work in Ubuntu with the Unity desktop. Like all good solutions, it worked as much … Continue reading

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I have finally found the stupidest thing I’ve ever read: we should not eat peas because they can talk.  Or rather, we should not exploit peas for our selfish ends because they have some form of chemically-based communication about weather conditions. … Continue reading

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