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Cinnamon-vanilla chocolate pudding

I mentioned in this old post that I had a particular recipe for cinnamon-vanilla chocolate pudding with some unusual taste properties.  At the risk of precipitating the degeneration of this journal into a food blog, let me talk about it. … Continue reading

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Birthday operators

Today’s exercise in C++ is to implement various kinds of matrix products. Of course, since this is a C++ exercise, I must implement a matrix class (I feel that this is somehow a rite of passage). Naturally I’ve got mine … Continue reading

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SimCity reporting

If you remember SimCity 2000 fondly, as I do, you may also remember the hilarious fake news that would accompany the headline whenever something of importance to the simulation happened. Someone with a deadpan sense of humor had injected plaintive … Continue reading

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Revolutionary étude

We have a very nice grand piano in New York; we got it when I was fourteen or so and at the height of my piano enthusiasm.  It cost some large amount of money but, I feel, was very worth … Continue reading

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The best coffee

My weekend visit to New York has put me a few days behind here, and worse, the first thing I want to write about isn’t even a complaint! This introduction will have to serve as one, since I can’t find … Continue reading

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Bounded in an eggshell

It should come as no surprise to anyone that I’m trying to learn some programming languages so I can get a job in software. Just now I googled “google interview questions” and found a blog post with ten. I’ve already … Continue reading

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Memory management issues

I think the typical progression of one’s concern for memory management issues is like this: What’s memory management?  (Alternatively: What’s memory?) How is malloc() (or new) any different from declaring a new variable? If I can free() (or delete) a … Continue reading

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